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Will Bug A Salt Really Kill Carpenter Bees




Will Bug-A-Salt Kill Bees

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Carpenter bees can be harmful sometimes. People use various carpenter bee traps to get rid of them.

But sometimes using a trap might not completely help you to get rid of them. You might hear about bug-a-salt. You are thinking will bug a salt really kill Carpenter bees?

This is why you are here. I want to tell you that you are absolutely right place. In this short article, I will discuss this fact with you. Will bug a salt really works on carpenter bees? Also, I will discuss the other ways are there to get rid of carpenter bees.




What Is Bug-A-Salt?

Bug a salt is a small plastic gun that uses to kill small insects by shooting with salt. This plastic gun can be used to kill small insects like grasshoppers, wasps, etc.


bug a salt


The bug a salt has the following properties.

  1. It uses granular salt to shoot different insects.
  2. It doesn’t require any battery or power.
  3. It works best when the target is within 3 feet.
  4. It is non-toxic to humans.

Bug a salt can be a handy craft for you if you are fade up by different insects in your household.




Will Bug A Salt Kill Carpenter Bees?

Now it’s the main question. Bug salt is used to kill different insects. But will it work upon carpenter bees? 

Yes, bug a salt will work upon carpenter bees. It might not successfully kill the carpenter bee instantly. But when you shoot a carpenter bee with bug-a-salt it will become very weak and fall on the ground. So, you can kill it then by squeezing.



Why Not Kill Bees With Bug A Salt?

Killing bees is not good. You know bees are the blessing of gods creation. Bees contribute a lot to our ecosystem. They are the greatest pollinators of our environment.

carpenter bee



This is why you shouldn’t kill them. If bees become a matter of worry try to eliminate them without killing them. If they don’t go anyway then you can try bug a salt to get rid of them.



How To Get Rid Of Bees Using Bug-A-Salt?

You can get rid of carpenter bees using Bug-A-Salt by following the steps below.

  1. Pout the bug-a-salt using granular salt and attach everything properly.
  2. Spot the carpenter bees. It can be on wood, bamboo, or flying around.
  3. Try to go near the bee if possible at least within 3 feet range.
  4. Now aim to the bee carefully.
  5. Count 1..2..3 and shoot.

That’s all if your aim is good you will put down the bee with 1 shoot.

Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees Using Bug-a-salt


It might fall to the ground. If possible accumulate a few carpenter or blackjack bees on a vessel. Then without killing them put them away from your house.




What Liquid Kills Carpenter Bees?

There are plenty of liquids that can be deadly for carpenter bees. These can include.

  1. Vinegar.
  2. Water mixture of boric acid.
  3. Fipro Foaming Aerosol.
  4. Isopropyl alcohol.
  5. Starting Fluid.

But never try to kill them bees forever. You can try natural deterrents to push carpenter bees away forever.




So, How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees Without Killing?

There is plenty of ways to get rid of carpenter bees forever without killing them. You should try any of them first. 

  1. Using Bleach Water: Bleach water is most effective to get rid of carpenter bees. Spot the location of the carpenter bee nest. Mix bleach with water in a sprayer. Then spray it on the carpenter bee nest directly. The bees will run away forever.
  2. Use Natural Oil: You can mix coconut oil, lavender oil, Tea tree oil, jojoba oil, etc on a spray bottle. Then spray it directly upon carpenter bees.
  3. Deterrent Smell: Carpenter bees do not like a few elements of smell. These include Almond, Citrus oil, Starting fluid, etc. Put a few drops of this type of liquid on the nest hole. They will run away forever.
  4. Use High-Volume Music: Carpenter Bees do not like very high-volume music. So, try to place a music player close to their nest. Play heavy metal music with high volume. This could force them to leave the nest.
  5. Using Carpenter Bee Trap: Carpenter bee traps are most effective to remove carpenter bees naturally. So, purchase some carpenter bee traps. Place them around the existence of carpenter bees.
  6. Call A Pest Control Expert: Pest control experts will most effectively help you to get rid of bees. So, if you can’t find a way to get rid of carpenter bees naturally. Call pest control experts in your region. They will effectively help you to get rid of bees permanently.



So, guys hopefully now you got the answer to your question will bug-a-salt kill carpenter bees? As It can kill carpenter bees. But my suggestion is always to not try to kill bees. They are a blessing to our nature. Try natural deterrents to keep them away from your residence.

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