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6 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Blackjack Bees




How To Get Rid Of Blackjack Bees

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Are you worried after finding blackjack bees in your garden, wooden material, or anywhere else? Now it’s your concern how to get rid of these blackjack bees. You may be afraid and don’t know whether blackjack bees sting or not.

Don’t worry this post will guide you with 6 pro tips using which you will be easily able to get rid of blackjack bees.



What Is A BlackJack Bees?

Actually, the black carpenter bees are known as blackjack bees as they have black bodies and legs. They only have a yellow mark on their abdomen in most cases.


Blackjack Bee
Blackjack Bee

Blackjack bees or carpenter bees usually live inside the wood. They don’t live in a colony. So, female carpenter bees dig wooden material to create their nest. Then it starts creating new wholes inside the wood and starts laying eggs.




Do Blackjack Bees Sting?

Male blackjack can’t sting whereas female blackjack rarely use their sting when your try to squeeze them.



Do Blackjack Bee Sting?

Usually, blackjacks can’t sting. But they have a sting in their cavity within the last abdominal segment. So, when you try to squeeze them using your hand or other body parts, automatically their sting will be injected into your body part.

Also, female blackjack will rarely sting depending on the region it’s living in and the intensity of the threat they are assuming.




How To Get Rid Of BlackJack Bees?

Now, it’s the main part of how we can get rid of blackjack bees. First of all, you have to identify the nest of the blackjack bees. You can easily identify a blackjack bee nest by noticing wood shaves around a small hole having a diameter of around 1 cm. For more detail, you can check this article.


How To Get Rid Of Blackjack Bees
6 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Blackjack Bees


After identifying the blackjack bees it’s our task to remove them. There are 6 ways to get rid of blackjack bees. Let’s discuss them one by one.



1) Using A BlackJack Bee Trap

The easiest way to get rid of blackjack bees is using a blackjack bee trap. Place the trap near the blackjack bee nest. If you find blackjack bees causing harm to your garden you can place the trap in your garden too.


You will find blackjack bee trap well known as carpenter bee traps on various online store. You can purchase one of them or even you can make one by yourself using some wood and a plastic box.



2) Using Bleach

Bleach can effectively help you to get rid of bees. Using bleach can be an effective option for you to remove blackjacks. Mix bleach with water then spray it over blackjacks or inside its hole. If you can soak blackjacks with bleach water it will kill them which is not preferred.

Simply spray the bleach water inside the hole of the blackjack bees. It will force them to leave their nest and they won’t return again.



3) Use A Plastic Bottle Or Glass Container

This process will take time to get rid of blackjacks permanently. But it is the cheapest possible way to get rid of blackjacks. All you have to do is to place a bottle or whatever container you are using in front of the entrance of the blackjack bee nest. Make sure there is no way to pass air through the hole.

There will be a lack of oxygen. So, the blackjacks will come out from their nest and they will be drawn to your bottle.



4) Use An Insecticides

Using insecticides like a mosquito repellent spray can also help you to get rid of carpenter bees effectively. As insecticides like mosquito repellent spray are poisonous it will kill blackjack if you spray this over them.



5) Use Vinegar

Using Vinegar and water in 1/1 will effectively help you to cure blackjacks inside woods. The smell of vinegar is totally disliked by carpenter bees. That’s why spraying vinegar and water mixture will help you to keep them away.

You can use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar or even both with water. If you soak blackjacks with this mixture they will die. That’s why I suggest you use a light concentration of vinegar and spray it around the blackjack bee nest.



6) Use Wood Preservatives To Prevent Blackjack bees

Using wood preservatives can help you to keep blackjack away from damaging your wooden furniture. It may fail to kill blackjacks if they already created some deep hole inside the wood. But it is a great way to reluctance against blackjack in the woods.




Final Words

Hopefully, these 6 tips will effectively help you to get rid of blackjack bees. I suggest you instead of killing them try to use the other available methods to get rid of them.

To prevent damage by blackjack bees try to build furniture with good quality wood.  Also, using wood preservatives will make the furniture blackjack bees resistant.

Now if you have bee nests on your wall read this article on how you can get rid of bees in a wall. 

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