Moisture Board vs Quilt Box : Which One To Choose For Bees?

Moisture Board vs Quilt Box

Moisture board and quilt box are both used to control moisture inside a beehive. Both are used for slightly different purposes and are constructed differently. You might be asking which one is suitable for your beehives. That’s what we are going to figure out throughout this post.       What Is A Moisture Board? … Read more

Carpenter Bees Hibernation: Where Do They Go In The Winter?

Where Do Carpenter Bees Go During Winter

Have you ever noticed that the density of carpenter bees increases during the summertime? As the winter emerges, carpenter bees disappear suddenly. Have you ever thought about where do they go in the winter? What is the reason behind the sudden disappearance of carpenter bees? Where did they emerge during winter? Your every question will … Read more