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Hi! Myself Anthor Kumar Das

Currently, I am living in Khulna, Bangladesh. I am a passionate beekeeper since 2014 from the age of 15. My beekeeping journey started with a team living near my house. Still, I have communication with my teammates. I am still gathering knowledge about beekeeping.


Our Story Of Getting Started With Beekeeping

One day while I was 7 years old I was at my father’s grocery shop. That day suddenly a bee stung my leg and it gets clung to my leg. I screamed loudly. Then my father came to rescue me from that bee. He removed the bee from my leg but it seems there was a sting inside the skin of my leg.

Then my father primarily treated the affected area. My legs get swollen but the pain is reduced within 1 hour.

This is not the only time. In 2013 Once, while in my bedroom, I stumbled upon a small hive of bees that had made its home on the wall. However, one fateful night, while browsing on my cell phone, actually I was streaming Argentina VS Brazil Friendly match. Suddenly a bee from the hive stung me on the forehead. Fuming with anger, I grabbed a broom and attempted to swat the bee but missed, only to get stung again, this time on my chin. The pain became unbearable and my forehead and chin started to swell up. My mother tried some home remedies but it wasn’t enough, so I had to seek medical attention for four days before my face returned to normal. During those four days, I was confined indoors due to the severe swelling.


My cousin once fell victim to a swarm of bees and was stung more than a hundred times. We rushed him to the hospital where he received medical attention for two months due to his allergy to bee stings. The wounds caused by the bee stings were filled with pus, causing him unbearable pain that seemed never-ending.

The incident left a long-lasting impact on his life, as he now suffers from eczema on both feet caused by a severe allergic reaction to bee venom. This has led to the development of “cracked feet disease,” which has proved to be a curse in his life. We tried to seek help from multiple specialist doctors. But all of those treatment goes in vain. We have yet to find a permanent solution to his condition. We are doing everything we can to ensure he receives the best possible medical care available.

These phenomena made me angry with bees. But slowly I got interested in bees. Now let’s share that story too from which my beekeeping journey gets started.

I started beekeeping in 2014. That year I found a bee nest in a mango tree just backyard of our house.

One day I was keeping an eye on the beehive and I was just surprised by watching their livelihood. How amazingly they are living on the beehive peacefully and working together. That day a bee while it is maybe coming out to the beehive after collecting pollen from a flowering tree it got touched by my hand accidentally and then it stings me.

That day my father calls a beekeeper team. The next day, they came to our residence and collect honey and also takeaways all of the bees from that beehive with themselves. I watch all the processes of how they collected honey from the beehive, how they take all the bees and put them on a beehive they bring along. That day I really got interested in bees and the beekeeping occupation.

These incidents with me and my cousin made me eager to learn more about bees.

After a few days, I told my father to take me to the place where the beekeepers lived and take care of the bees. My father takes me to that place. Then I met with the beekeepers and started to learn about bees and beekeeping rules and techniques. As they live near our home I have started visiting their place almost every day. Besides, I have started reading books, journals, and other resources to learn about bees, the life cycle of bees, types of bees, types of honey bees, sting and stingless bees, ground bees, beekeeping, and so many other things.


That beekeeping team teaches me a lot of things about bees, facts about bees, and how to start beekeeping. By witnessed their techniques and learned a lot of things from them about beekeeping. Then I also started keeping honey bees in the backyard of our house. Then I became a part of that beekeeping team. I started my first colony with Asian honey bees which by ordering the Nuc and all the necessary stuff from an online seller.

Then I installed the bees in my first beehive box and started taking care of them. After a few days, I started getting honey from my beehive. I learned from my team how to collect honey from beehives and start selling them and also started making delicious dishes with honey.

My beekeeping team teaches me how to take care of honey bees so that they don’t sting me. I really got surprised when I was having a honey bee on my hand but it didn’t sting me. However, after 5 months of starting my beekeeping journey, I lost my honey bees in the late spring. I was so much sad for a few days after that incident.

Then my parents and my team motivated me and they taught me that bees won’t last forever in one hive. we have to create new colonies when one is destroyed. Then I started making new colonies for various types of honey bees.

Also, I learned how to prevent swarming away by splitting a beehive properly in the right situation. The expert beekeeping team who made me inspired to start beekeeping really taught me a lot.

I have been working continuously as a beekeeper since 2014 and created over 50 colonies. Then due to my university degree, I left my house. So, my team and my sister are involved in caring for my apiary.

On every vacation, I go to my house and take care of my apiary. And still, I am gathering helpful information and knowledge about bees and beekeeping.

Now I am wondering if I can help and encourage people to start beekeeping it may be the greatest thing of my life. That’s why I have started the BeeKeepingStudy site to help people to start a successful beekeeping profession.

If I got a chance to research about bees in my higher study, I will definitely go for it. I would be eager to learn new things and invent new technology or something related to the greatest pollinators of the world.


Update 24 November 2023: Beekeeping study team now have 400+ hives that are operating throughout the whole Bangladesh and also our team expanded to west bengal india.


Learn From Our Experience

I have created over 50 colonies of various types of bees. And my teammates are still working on beekeeping. So you will get all types of helpful information from to make a warming start to your beekeeping journey.

BeekeepingStudy Is a website for beekeepers. You will find all types of informative articles about beekeeping. We have also made so many mistakes during our beekeeping journey and lost our swarms so many times. We have tried various methods and various equipment to make an impactful beekeeping career.

With experience, we became able to minimize the chances of getting stung by bees, got a way of preventing swarming away, helped our bees in crucial situations when there is a scarcity, and finally able to make a healthy apiary.

So, from our own experience, we will try to help you with every necessary thing you need to know to make a successful beekeeping career.


We are still learning but we can provide you with enough resources to make your beekeeping journey a bit easier and more successful.

So, stay with us. Be passionate, don’t fear to make mistakes, work hard, and work with care. You will definitely get a meaningful impact very soon in your beekeeping journey.





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