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The Ultimate Guide On How To Use A Bee Smoker With Pellets




How To Use A Bee Smoker With Pallets

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Recently smoking pellets are becoming one of the most popular fuels for beekeepers. It might make a newbie confused about how to use a bee smoker with pellets.

A bee smoker is the best friend of a beekeeper. Each time you go to inspect your hive the first thing you are looking to take with you is definitely the bee smoker. You might wonder how to use this properly.

Don’t worry in this particular article, I am going to guide you with every necessary thing you must keep in mind for using a bee smoker with pellets. This is actually how I use a bee smoker with pellets during my hive inspections.




What Is A Bee Smoker?

Simply it is usually a stainless steel metalled device that is used by beekeepers to calm down bees. A bee smoker or you can say a smoke pot is designed in such a way that is capable of producing flame from different fuels.

Different Parts Of A Bee Smoker
Different Parts Of A Bee Smoker


The bee smoker body is made with a steel metal can. It has a narrow nozzle at the top which has a gap of half inches in diameter and is used to direct the flame. Also, it has a sequenced set of bellows at the side of the can to oxygenate the fire and accelerate the flame.




Why Do Beekeepers Use Bee Smokers?

Beekeepers mainly use bee smokers to calm bees and to prevent themselves from getting stung by bees. By using a bee smoker properly you will be able to calm your bees. And they are unlikely to sting you as they will become silent inside the hive and don’t try to fly around.

A bee smoker is the most essential element that must every beekeeper borrow with himself while inspecting their hive.

Some of the beekeepers say that they don’t need smokers for inspecting the hive. But whether your bees are calm or not it will make them angry and will force them to sting you if you try to interrupt their colony.

So, it is better to have a smoker with you each time you approach the hive inspection.




How To Use A Bee Smoker?

To use a bee smoker properly you should keep in mind a few things.

  • Select the best bee smoker so that it lasts longer and won’t harm you while using it.
  • Before starting to use the smoker you should collect all the necessary elements in one place. So, that you can prepare the smoker properly before going to your hive.
  • Select the best type of fuel that most suit you. I would suggest you try different types of fuels first and then you can figure out which one is going to be best for you. Then you can start using that particular fuel for your bee smoker.
  • Put the firing element at the bottom of the smoker and start the lighting-up process.
  • Then start adding fuel elements slowly. Don’t hurry it can make a long flame fire and can harm you.
  • After successfully lighting up the smoker don’t push it upon your bees instantly. At least wait 2 minutes so that the smoke becomes a little bit cold then start pushing them.



How To Apply Bee Smoker Upon Bees?

You must be gentle while you are applying bee smoke upon bees. They don’t like hot and too much smoke. So, try not to push the bellows too hard or too many times. Push 1 to 2 times once. If you find bees become aggressive then again push once or twice. If your bees are too rude you can push the bellows one more time.

Pro Tips: Don’t apply very hot smoke to bees as it could be deadly for the bees. Also, don’t apply too much smoke upon them otherwise they might swarm away. If you over do it you might probably kill some of your bees and can lost them forever.







Different Types Of Fuels For Bee Smokers

There are several types of fuels available that are used by beekeepers like

  1. Straw
  2. Kindling
  3. Wood chips
  4. Smoker pellets
  5. Cotton, and so on.

The straw can light up very quickly but won’t last long. Whereas the kindling has a medium duration of lasting after lighting up. But cotton is widely used by beekeepers as it lasts long.

Tips: Before choosing any fuel for your bee smoker try to focus on naturally available fuels. Don’t try to use any fuel that contains chemical substances. It can harm your bees.




What Are Bee Smoker Pellets?

Beehive smoker pellets are a type of fuel that looks like large pieces of pellets that are designed to use in a bee smoker. Smoker pellets light up quickly and keep flaming for a long time. While burning it produces white smoke with a nice and gentle aroma that keeps the bees quiet.

Wood Pellets
Wood Pellets For Bee Smokers


Bee smoker pellets can be easily used with other firing elements like cotton, wood chips, dry leaves, etc. They slowly reduce the heat produced by the firing element.




Why Choose Smoking Pellets For Bee Smokers?

Nowadays beekeepers are widely using pellets like wood pellets in bee smoker because it burns slowly and produces a flame for a very long period of time. If you use the best quality smoking pellets that will provide antibacterial and antiviral protection to your bees.

It won’t bother your bees and won’t harm them. Smoking pellets can produce smoke for up to 20 minutes once it has started moldering. That’s why smoking pellets are becoming more popular than other types of fuels for bee smokers.




How To Use A Bee Smoker With Pellets Properly?

I would recommend you light the bee smoker pellets before approaching your beehive. You also have to use the smoker gently and slowly. Don’t push immediately after setting the flame. Also, don’t push the flame hard on your bees.

The most widely used bee-smoking pellets are wood pellets. You can use wood pellets or other pellets available on so many online stores for purchase.

To light up the bee smoker with pellets we have to accumulate the following elements first.

  1. Clean the bee smoker first if it has debris or anything that creates a jam at the entrance of the nuzzle.
  2. Take a fire extinguisher with you if possible to prevent any unwanted accidents.
  3. Take some wood chips or newspaper. I usually use newspaper as it fires up quickly.
  4. Take your wood pellets or the type of pellets you are going to use as fuel.
  5. Wear heat-protective gloves as the smoker can be very hot that can burn your hand.
  6. Take a fire igniter to light up the paper.



After accumulating all the necessary elements select a suitable place where no chance of spreading fire. Then you can start lighting up the bee smoker with pellets.




How To Light Up A Bee Smoker With Pellets

You can light up your bee smoker by following the step-by-step guide below.

  • First, open the lid of the smoker and put some kindling elements like a few small pieces of newspaper you can either use some wood shavings too.
  • Take some newspaper and twist them to make a small size. Then using the fire igniter light up the paper and then place it at the bottom of the smoker to set fire to all of the paper. You can push the bellows to properly set the fire.
  • After successfully firing the paper you can start adding smoking pellets slowly.
  • The bee smoker pellets will easily start to burn and you don’t have to do anything else.
  • My recommendation is not to pour the bee smoker can more than 75% of its size.
  • When the flame is started to grow up close the lid and put it in the ground for 1 to 2 minutes and then your bee smoker is ready to use.

Remember don’t put all of the pellets at once. After the fire is set up put a few pieces of wood pellets inside the smoker.

If they lighten up and start producing smoke then put a few more wood pellets. Continue the process until 50% to 75% of the can is filled with smoking pellets.




How To Use The Bee Smoker With Pellets Upon Bees

How To Use A Bee Smoker With Pallets


After lightening your bee smoker with pellets wait 1 to 2 minutes before pushing smoke on your bees.

  • When the smoker is started smoldering start pushing the bellows once to twice at the entrance of your beehive to calm the bees who are at the gate of the house.
  • Make sure you checked the temperature of the smoke. The heat of the smoke should be tolerable by your skin. Then you can push the smoke on your bees. If the smoke is too hot wait a few more moments. Because too hot smoke can damage the wings of bees. You unsurprisingly find a few dead bees on the ground if you apply too hot smoke to bees.
  • Then slowly start pushing the bellows towards the top of the hive where you are opening the hive.
  • Push the bellows when you see bees are started flying or trying to sting you. But don’t overdo it.
  • Don’t forget to put some more smoking pellets when the fuel is about to run out.



How Many Pellets Do I Put In My Bee Smoker?

In the beginning, I used to put only a few approximately less than a handful amount of pellets inside the smoker while the paper is on fire at the bottom. Then I start adding smoker pellets slowly until the smoker is filled with 1/2 to 3/4th of its full size.

While using the smoker sometimes the fuel may run out. Or if you see the smoke intensity is too low then you should add some more pellets to the smoker.

You can continue adding smoking pellets in small amounts until your hive inspection is completed.




Can You Use Charcoal In A Bee Smoker?

No, you shouldn’t use charcoal in a bee smoker as it could be poisonous for bees. If you are thinking about using charcoal in a bee smoker, then you are about to make trouble for your bees. You can use wood shaves, newspaper, dead leaves, etc but don’t use charcoal as a smoldering material.

Charcoal produces a lot of smoke and this smoke lasts a long. Also, charcoal is used for making BBQ of chicken and other foods. We can eat foods cooked with charcoal smoke, but it is absolutely not good for bees. 

Charcoal produces heat and a lot of carbon dioxide and other chemicals that are poisonous to bees. That’s why you shouldn’t think of using charcoal in a bee smoker.




Frequently Asked Questions About Bee Smoker Pallets


How do Smoker Pellets light a Bee smoker?

The smoker pellets are placed inside the fire chamber above ruffled newspaper or dry leaves. Then the fire is put on it. Through blazing, the pellets will produce white smoke that will go out through the nozzle of the smoker.

Can you use too much smoke on bees?

Absolutely not. Using too much smoke on bees can make them injured. It can harm their respiratory system too. Also, if you do the same thing repeatedly your bees are more likely to swarm away.

How do I make my bee smoker last longer?

The best way to make you bee smoker last longer is by using smoker pellets as fuel. You can also use untreated burlaps for lightening the fuel. Before storing the smoker allow it to cool down properly after each use.



Conclusion On Guide To Use A Bee Smoker With Pellets

Compressed wood pellets are a great fuel to be used in a bee smoker. It lights easily and gives smoke for a long time. Also, the smoke produces by bee smoker pellets is not much harmful to bees.

Hopefully, now you know how to use a bee smoker with pellets efficiently. Remember to use smoke in your bees properly to calm them but don’t overdo it.


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