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Do Beekeepers Get Stung? [All You Need To Know]




Do Beekeepers Get Stung?

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At the beginning of my beekeeping journey, I purchased all the safety materials to avoid bee stings. Because I know that even beekeepers do get stung.

When the first Nuc hive I ordered arrived I was so curious.  It’s common that when you are going to start something new, you will feel curious. Also, you will be eager to learn more about that.

Then I tried to transfer my first nuc to a full-sized beehive on my own. As I didn’t have any experience at that time, I have taken help from an experienced beekeeper in my region. I wore a bee suit but my legs were open.

During nuc to hive transformation suddenly one of them stings me in my legs. That really hurts me as this is the first sting I get from my bees.

I immediately left the transformation to that beekeeper who was with me and ran away from that place. Then that beekeeper taught me how to properly transfer a nuc to a hive without getting stung.

This is the first time I get stung by bees but not the last time. I get bee stings sometimes when I inspect my hive.

I have started learning and gathering experience on beekeeping. With experience, I am now able to get a minimal number of stings during inspections.

Thanks to that man for whom now I know how to deal with bees. That’s why my chance of getting stung by bees is now almost zero.

So, in brief here is the answer to your question “Do beekeepers get stung?”

Yes, beekeepers obviously get stung by bees. It is a common phenomenon for beekeepers to get stung. With experience beekeepers learn how to deal with bees by reducing number of stings.


This blog post will help you in the following ways.

  • Detailed answer to your question “Do beekeepers get stung?”.
  • How to reduce the chance of getting stung by bees during hive inspections.




Do All Beekeepers Get Stung?

Yes, almost all beekeepers get stung less or more by bees. But with the experience of learning the right timing for inspecting beehives, they become able to reduce the chances of getting stung.

Do beekeepers get stung
Photo Credit: Sarah Johnson


A bee stings a human if he is trying to interact with the bee. Beekeepers interacting with bees. In the beginning, he is a stranger to bees. So, he will get stung very often if he doesn’t wear protective gear.

With time he will learn about his bees. Also, bees will understand that this person is helping them. Beekeepers feed bees sugar syrup and work for the betterment of the colony. So, they won’t suspect him as a threat to them. As a result, beekeepers will get stung comparatively less often.

In fact, bees won’t sting him unless he accidentally swat them. It is totally common to get a few stung without any protective gear. However, the number stung during each hive inspection is reduced with experience.




How Often Do Beekeepers Get Stung?

It is common to get stung often during hive inspection. But the frequency depends on several factors which may include the following.

  •  Which type of bees he is having
  • His hive inspection technique
  • The temperament of the bees
  • The weather conditions.

Beekeepers get stung very often when the bees are very aggressive and the weather is harsh.


Africanized honey bees are well known as “killer bees”. They are the most aggressive bees compared to other regions’ honey bees.

So, if you have a colony of this type of bee you have a higher chance of getting stung very often. This bee species can be found in Central and South America and several regions of the United States.

It’s better to avoid this type of bees for beekeeping. Beekeepers having this honey bee species do get stung very often. Their sting can even be led to death. So, if you select this bees for beekeeping always wear protective gear.




Do Beekeepers Get Stung Through A Bee Suit?

Most bee suits are made with such protection which is capable of avoiding stings. But still, sometimes beekeepers can get stung if the suit is made of a thin layer of clothes.

Bee suits are the main protection shield for beekeepers during hive inspection. They wear this suit so that bees do not become aggressive to them. Even if bees try to sting it will protect their body.




Will Bees Sting You If They See You?

Bees won’t sting you by just seeing if you aren’t making any trouble for them. Bees sting somebody only when they see danger is coming. Otherwise, they won’t sting someone by just seeing.

Honey bees always try to avoid stinging as they can sting only once in their entire lifetime. So, they won’t try to lose their sting unless they notice any danger is coming.




Will Bees Sting You If You Touch Them?

There is a high chance of getting stung by bees if you touch them. Touching a bee is a sign of danger for them. So, they won’t hesitate to sting you instantly.

Usually, they try their best not to use their sting. A honey bee dies after stinging someone. But they won’t hesitate to sting if they find any danger is coming for them or for their colony.

But aggressive ground bees can sting multiple times. So, if you are holding a such bee in your hand. It could really hurt you.




Do Bee Stings Hurt?

Yes, bee stings definitely hurt. In most cases, the effect of a bee sting is mild and doesn’t cause any longer-duration damage. But if you have an allergic syndrome of bee sting it could be worse.

I got stung by bees so many times during hive inspection and nuc to hive transformation. Also, I got seriously injured by bees before starting beekeeping.

In 2014, when I was reading in high school. One day I found a small hive of bees at the wall of my house. And that is inside the house exactly in my bedroom. At that moment I had no idea how long bees can stuck in wallsI didn’t know how to rescue them.

One night a bee from that hive stung my forehead while I was browsing on my cell phone. I became angry and rushed to eat with a broom. But I ended up getting stung two more times by the other 2 bees.

After a few moments, I noticed that my chin and forehead were swelling up. Then the pain started to build up more. My mother tried some home remedies and was able to reduce the pain.

The next day I had to meet a doctor. After taking treatment for 4 days my forehead and chin became normal. I was not sure which species of bees were those.

That time I didn’t take my selfie as I was ashamed of my weird face. My forehead and chin situation were similar to the guy in the image below.

Human got stung by bees
Got stung by bees


Also, my cousin once accidentally got attacked by a bee swarm. That day he got stung by more than hundreds of bees. We have to take him to the hospital immediately. He needs medical care for 2 months.

He also has allergic to bee stings that’s why he suffered a lot more. There was an accumulation of pus inside each wound caused by bee stings. His pain was intolerable.

This phenomenon has become a curse in his life. Currently, he has eczema on his both feet. The doctor suspects this was caused by the venom of the bee sting. He is suffering from cracked feet diseases.

We have taken him to so many specialist doctors. But no one was able to give a remedy for a permanent solution to his disease. We are trying our best to provide him with the best medical care.


Allergic Infection Caused By Bee Stings
My Cousin’s Allergic Infection Caused By Bee Stings


You can see the current conditions of his both legs from the image. This image was taken by my own cell phone today. Today’s date is 15 April 2023.

His life is so painful. Sometimes it becomes difficult for him even to walk. If he runs for 1 minute more deep cracks occur and also these wounds start bleeding.

Hopefully, you understand how serious it could be if you are allergic to bee stings. You must have an idea of what to do if you get attacked by a bee swarm.

After these incidents, I want to gather knowledge about bees. So, I started my beekeeping journey.

I have an interest in higher studies if I find any opportunity to do research on bee behaviors.

But normally bee sting has a short time and less damaging effect. And it is a very common phenomenon among beekeepers. Because beekeepers know well how to treat bees without getting stung.




How To Avoid Bee Stings?

The best way to avoid bee stings is by avoiding disturbing them. If you don’t bother bees they definitely won’t sting you. But as a beekeeper, you need to inspect your hives often. So, in order to avoid bee stings as a beekeeper you should choose the perfect timing for inspecting the hive.

Because timing is very crucial for your bees. You have to understand at which time bees are in a nice mood. Also, the weather should be in the favor of bees.

You must know under which circumstances bees become more aggressive and how to handle mad bees.  You should also learn the signs when you must avoid opening your hive

If you know these things then you will be able to understand the perfect time for your bees to inspect them. 

By choosing the perfect timing for hive inspection chances of getting stung by bees become absolutely minimum.

If you are not a beekeeper then you should keep a distance from a beehive while walking. Also, never try to bother them. And don’t try to through stones into the beehive.

The factors you should keep in mind to avoid bee stings are listed below.

  1. Right Timing For Hive Inspection: Select the perfect and suitable timing for hive inspections. The risk of getting stung will become minimal.
  2. Use A Good Quality Bee Suite: selecting the proper bee suite will also help you avoid bee stings.
  3. Wear Gloves: As your hands interact with bees mostly. So, you should wear gloves during a hive inspection. Choose the right beekeeping gloves and wash them regularly.
  4. Use Bee Smoker: You should use a bee smoker during every hive inspection. Bee smoker will calm your bees. But don’t use excessive smoke on bees.
  5. Winterize Hive: Before the winter you should start winterizing your all beehives. Otherwise, during winter you will get more stung while trying to interact with them.
  6. Keep Hive Entrance Free: Never try to block the hive entrance with a screen or anything else.
  7. Split Overpopulated Colony: It is a very important step. An overpopulated colony becomes more angry. Thus you should split beehives that become overcrowded.
  8. Don’t Swat: If a bee lands on you be quiet and don’t swat. It will go on its way within a few moments.
  9. Requeen Queenless Hive: A queenless hive won’t survive longer. Also, a queenless hive is usually more aggressive than any other situation. You should try to requeen the hive. This is not only to reduce the chance of getting stung but also to save the colony.
  10. Place The Hive In A Suitable Place: Try to place your beehive in a calm environment near flower plants. Also, if possible far from human walkways.

Even after following all of these, you might get stung rarely. Don’t panic in most cases it won’t hurt long. 




What To Do If You’re Stung By Bees

If you accidentally got stung by a bee don’t be panicked. In most cases, the pain reduces within a few minutes. But in case you are allergic to bee stings don’t waste any time and contact a doctor. 

You can take the following primary treatment after getting stung.

  1. After getting stung by a bee don’t be hurried or panicked. Look for the sting and if you found it just remove it by using any Alpin or knife.
  2. Don’t try to remove the sting using your finger as it can be worse if you fail to remove it. If you squeeze it the venom will be more dangerous.
  3. You can use baking soda and water mixture. It can instantly reduce pain.
  4. You can apply ice to the affected area.
  5. You can also take antihistamine medicine if it feels large pain.

You can try these home remedies as a primary treatment. But if you got attacked by a bee swarm then you shouldn’t waste any moment at home. Go to the doctor as hurry as possible.




Frequently Asked Questions


Do beekeepers get immune to bee stings?

In most cases, beekeepers do get immune to bee stings. Their immune system identifies the remedy for bee stings after getting stung for a few days. So, after a few days, their immune system becomes capable of producing antibodies very fast to damage the poisonous antigen inserted into the body from bee stings.

Can bees survive after stinging a human?

Honey bees can sting only once in their lifetime. After stinging she dies. So, honey bees can’t survive after stinging a human. But some bees like ground bees can sting multiple times. So, they might survive after stinging a human.

Do bees remember your face?

Study on bees suggests that bees can recognize patterns and colors that they see often. This is how they can remember the beekeeper’s face. A bee won’t treat a stranger human as they treat the person who regularly cares for them.




Conclusion On Do Beekeepers Get Stung Or Not

So, you know beekeepers also do get stung by bees. It is all about experience. If you can treat well with bees they won’t sting you.

It is always the responsibility of every human to avoid disturbing any creature around us. Bees are not exceptional. If you don’t bother them they won’t hurt you.

If you are a beekeeper don’t be sad if you get stung at the beginning of your beekeeping journey. It will hurt you at the beginning. You can trust me after a few days you will enjoy the pain.

Also, your immune will be such strong that you even don’t feel any pain after getting stung by bees.

It is always preferable to take necessary protections during a hive inspection. You can follow my guide to avoid bee stings as a beekeeper.

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