Perfect Time To Inspect Beehive In Different Seasons

Best Time To Inspect Beehive

Selecting the best time to inspect beehive is really crucial. Because bees are very sensitive to environmental and other factors. This is why timing is really important. If you choose the wrong timing for hive inspection, when bees don’t want to show up, it could be costly. At the beginning of beekeeping, one of the … Read more

How To ReQueen A Queenless Hive In 4 Simple Steps [6 Ways]

How To Requeen A Queenless Hive

An established hive suddenly becoming queenless is not an uncommon phenomenon. To save the rest of the colony a beekeeper must know how to requeen a queenless hive properly. I lost a queen from a well-established hive so many times. Then I requeened the hive and successfully save the colony several times. Yes, a couple … Read more

What To Do With An Abandoned Beehive (Recycling & Reusing)

What To Do With An Abandoned Beehive

During beekeeping, it’s unexpected but not uncommon that bees abandon a beehive. Every beekeeper after having an abandoned beehive has a first common question. That is what to do with an abandoned beehive? Well, you might check first if it is reusable or not. If so try to make sure the reuse of its maximum … Read more