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How To Prevent Ground Bees From Returning




How To Prevent Ground Bees

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Undoubtedly ground bees are the greatest pollinators. Their contribution to the environment is undeniable. Still, they can be trouble for you if their nesting site is inside or close to your house.

You might remove them once. There is still a chance that they will return next year. So, you need to know how to prevent ground bees from returning. That’s what I am going to discuss with you now.


Ground bees are pollinators and very helpful to nature. So, you should save them not kill them. If you are having ground bees and they are causing trouble try to get rid of them naturally. Never ever think of killing them. Because killing ground bees means you are destroying nature.




Why Do I Keep Getting Ground Bees?

You are getting ground bees because around your house there are suitable nesting sites for ground bees. Ground bees like to create nests near pollinating plants, on rocks, and in lossy soil. So, if they find any spot similar to these then they will definitely try to create a nest there.

Bees On The Ground
Bees On The Ground


Ground bees are most active during the spring season. So, if you have a suitable location for ground bee nesting around. You might have a chance of getting ground bees in your area.

Ground bees like to create their nest that has one or more of the following.

  1. Lossy soil.
  2. Spring crops around.
  3. Sunny place.
  4. Rock or fallen wooden materials.
  5. Old drywall.
  6. Any dry places.

There could be lots of other reasons for attracting ground bees. Those are the common places where ground bees are mostly attracted.




Will Ground Bees Go Away?

Yes, ground bees will go away on their own. Ground bees are solitary and won’t stick around for long. Within 4 to 8 weeks they will emerge to a new location.

Usually, ground bees don’t stay in the same place for the next season. They will emerge to new locations in almost every single season.

They are most likely to disappear from your area within 28 to 42 days. In some cases, this duration can be up to 56 days and not more than that. 

In the ground bee colony, there can not be large members like honey bees. They don’t have any queens. Every single female ground bee is capable of breeding. So, every female ground bee lays eggs and they take care of their family on their own.

As soon as their family member increases a portion of the entire colony emerges to a new location. This is their rule due to their solitary nature. Male ground bees are most of the time outside the nest and waiting to mate with female ground bees.

Whenever their colony expanded they would move to a new location. Also, with the change of season, they will emerge to a new suitable location for expanding their existence.




How To Remove Ground Bees Naturally?

Remember ground bees are very helpful for our nature. They are also safe because ground bees can not sting. Only female ground bees have sting but they are unlikely to use their sting.

In case you have any of the aggressive ground bees type then it can be a trouble for you. Otherwise, if you don’t disturb ground bees they won’t bother you too. However, if you still want to remove ground bees try any of the natural ways.

  1. You can use bleach water.
  2. Water the ground bee nest area using water pots.
  3. Use carpenter bee traps.
  4. Spray vinegar and water bottle at the entrance of the nest.
  5. Place cinnamon at the entrance of the bee nest.
  6. Hire a pest control expert.

You can also get help from my post on how to get rid of ground bees without killing them.




How To Prevent Ground Bees From Creating Nest

The best way to prevent ground bees is by removing ground bee-suitable nest sites. If your area has a lot of suitable nest sites for ground bees they will definitely create a nest there. 

Remember ground bees are not harmful. So, if you don’t disturb them they won’t harm you. In case their nest is in a place that your family members frequently access, it could be a matter of worry.

If any of your family members, children, or pets accidentally harm the ground bee nest they will sting them. This is why sometimes we have to remove them from that location.

But removing them once doesn’t mean they are gone forever. Ground bees can return again if they still find a suitable nest site. Maybe not the previous group, but this time a new group of ground bees.

So, you might have to find a way to prevent ground bees so they do not return again. Here are some steps that will help you to prevent ground bees from creating a nest.




Built A Nice Garden To Attract Ground Bees

To prevent ground bees from creating nests in your house you have to give them alternating nest sites. The best way to do so is to create a garden with having variety of plants.

Ground bees are attracted to places that have flowering plants around. Try to create a flowering garden at a safe distance from your house. You can follow my instructions to attract ground bees in your garden.

By creating such gardens ground bees will choose that place for their nesting site. So, there won’t be any problem for you and your family. Instead, they will bless your garden with their power of pollination.

Ways To Prevent Ground Bees From Nesting
Ways To Prevent Ground Bees From Nesting



Plant Ground Bee Deterrent Trees In Your Yard

There are some plants that deter ground bees. So, having such kind of trees in your yard will prevent ground bees from creating nests there.

The best way to do so is to have lemon grass in your yards. Or in the place where you don’t want to have ground bees.

You can also plant other trees like Mint, Lavender, Pine, etc. These actually not welcoming trees for ground bees.




Regularly Water Your Yard

Ground bees like lossy and dry soil to build their nest. Watering the area where you don’t want them will not give them any spot for nesting. 

Actually, this is the most effective way to remove ground bee nests as well as to prevent them from creating nests again.

You don’t have to use a lot of water. Also, you need not to water the area regularly. Once to twice per week is enough to deter ground bees.




Remove Rocks And Wooden Materials

Fallen rock piles and wooden materials are excellent nest sites for ground bees. So, if you are having rock piles in your yard, this might attract ground bees.

Also, ground bees can chew through the woods. So, if you have poor-quality wooden materials this will also be an attractive nest site for them.

Make sure not to have such kinds of things around if you don’t want ground bees there. Ensuring this will maximize the chances of not having ground bees around.




If You Use DryWall For Your House Use Good Quality Materials

Ground bees can create their nest inside an old drywall. Old drywall if it is poor will be easier for ground bees to chew.

This is why sometimes you might see a bee coming from a small hole in an old house drywall. If you have one similar you probably gonna have ground bees too. 

If you don’t want to see groundbees, use good-quality materials for your drywall. Also, make sure it has a good-quality plaster layer.




Use Ground Bee Deterrents

Last but not least it is an excellent way to keep ground bees away. There are plenty of natural elements that repel ground bees. Which may include the following.

  • Mint.
  • Cloves.
  • Lavender oil.
  • Vinegar mixture.
  • Diatomaceous Earth, etc.

You can use any of these natural deterrents in the place where you don’t want ground bees to live. The 2 most effective among those are vinegar mixture and diatomaceous earth.



Use Of Vinegar Mixture To Prevent Ground Bees

Vinegar For Repelling Ground Bees


A vinegar mixture is an excellent way to prevent ground bees. You can use it according to the instructions below.

  1. Take a spray bottle.
  2. Add vinegar and water with a ratio of 1:2.
  3. Shake well.
  4. Then apply it in the spot where you don’t want ground bees.

You don’t have to do it on a regular basis for the entire year. Just apply them once in 15 days during spring. Because Spring is the breeding season for ground bees.



Diatomaceous Earth To Prevent Ground Bees

Diatomaceous earth is an effective deterrent for ground bees. Purchase food-grade diatomaceous earth and sprinkle it in the soil region where you don’t want ground bees.

Diatomaceous Earth


Diatomaceous earth creates a layer above the soil that prevents ground bees from creating their nest.

Make sure to use only food-grade diatomaceous earthAlso, sprinkle diatomaceous once during the spring. If there is rain then you might sprinkle it again when the soil gets dry after the rain.




Final Thoughts About Preventing Ground Nesting Bees

So far you learned how to prevent ground bees from creating nests. Only do this in case you have a sensitive location where you don’t want them.

Well, ground bees are really important for our nature. So, before deterring them think twice. If they are not harmful to you leave them alone. They will go away on their own. They won’t live in your place forever.

Whenever you try to deter them from any location at least try to provide them an alternative nesting site. Because ground bees are safe and helpful.

Having ground bees will seriously bless your garden too. Lastly never ever think of killing these friendly teeny creatures.

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